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Bathroom Renovation
A bathroom is essential not just to provide an upgrade in the quality of life, but significantly improve the value of your home.
Get A Carbon Neutral Boiler
The major advantage of a hydrogen-ready boiler is that it can continue to use natural gas until hydrogen gas is available. This will allow the whole country to transition to the low carbon alternative in a strategic way and with almost no disruption to home heating.

WHAT WE OFFERBathroom Installation

Old Bathroom?
We offer full bathroom renovations in the Mid Sussex Districty.
If your old bathtub has seen better days but you’re
hesitating to replace it because of the high costs.

Emergency RepairsNeed an emergency plumber to help With Your Home?

An overflowing toilet is caused by one of three things: a clogged or blocked drain that doesn’t allow for a proper flush, an improperly adjusted float that allows the tank to overfill or a blocked vent pipe that replaces the air in the pipe after each flush.
What do plumbers use to clean drains?
A manual drain snake, also known as a plumber’s snake or a drain auger, is a small boring tool that rotates slowly as it’s physically pushed through a stubborn clog. The terminal end of the device is a corkscrew-shaped hook that is fed into a clogged drain or toilet. and have to learn how to solder copper.

SPECIAL OFFERBoiler installation
£40 off

SPECIAL OFFERBathroom Installation
10% off

SPECIAL OFFERPlumbing Maintenance
£10 off

WHAT WE OFFERAvailable for 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service In Mid Sussex - Based out of Haywards Heath

In All of Mid Sussex - Including Burgess Hill, Cuckfield, Henfield, Haywards Heath, Uckfield, Horsham, Cuckfield, Lewes, Lindfield, Southwick, and surrounding towns and villages.
Emergency Plumber Based Out Of Haywards Heath - Servicing Surrounding Areas.
We offer emergency plumbing services in the Mid Sussex area, give us a call for more information.
Our team has decades of experience in Gas Engineering. Each member of our team members is trained to deal with your plumbing problems.
Our Services
Plumbing leak detection
Plumbing pipe Repair
Shower installation
Tap installation
Tap repair
Toilet installation
Toilet repair
Water heater installation
Drain cleaning
Plumbing leak repair
Shower Repair
Water tank installation
Boiler repair
Bathroom Installation
Boiler Servicing
Plumbing & Heating

FIX IT YOURSELFFrequently Asked Questions From Cuckfield Plumbing.

Do you offer Emergency Servicing?

We offer reliable and fast emergency plumbing services and are here to help you, give us a call.

What Boiler do I need?

You should think about how much hot water you and your family need, the size of your home, the fuel you have access to, your current system, and the many types of boilers available. You might also want to think about things like energy efficiency and renewable energy options.

How much will it cost?

Each of our projects is priced based on the size and scope of the job, we are transparent through the process and will provide you with a quote beforehand.

How do I design my new bathroom?

We will work with you to design your new bathroom. We recommend taking a look online and considering all aspects of your new bathroom.

Do you offer carbon neutral boiler?

We do, recently we have started offering Hydrogen-powered carbon-neutral boilers.

Customer experience - Cuckfield Plumbing

Just to say that Mike and his team are brilliant. They are tidy, on time and deliver a quality competitive service.

Mike Robson – Cuckfield
Yelp Reviewer

Last week my elderly neighbour had a water leak after 11pm at night. She called me in a panic as none of the emergency plumbers she called would come out. I called Mike who got up from bed to fix the issue and did not charge for a call out. A true professional and a good neighbor. Recommend 100%! –

Iain Pringle – Cuckfield
Yelp Reviewer

When we moved to Cuckfield we bought a house in need of updating and were lucky to spot Mikes van around the village. We gave him call asking him to quote for all new heating and plumbing. The house renovation then turned into a major extension so Mike had to install a system that would grow with the house. He managed this with ease, often laying pipework for radiators and bathrooms where the walls were not even there. We are always happy to have Mike working in our home, he arrives promptly, he works efficiently, he pays attention to the detail and he has always been considerate and tried to keep any disruption to a minimum. All the work he has done for us has been first class, we have an efficient heating and hot water system which Mike services for us too.

Jane Sambrook – West Sussex
Yelp Reviewer

Mike Barnes carried out the installation of a new boiler, water system and radiators

to my complete satisfaction. The job was not straightforward as my house is very old and careful planning was given to all aspects of the work programme which was carried out with great care and attention. – Bill Collins

Bill Collins
– Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

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